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Celtic Wildflowers

WATER VIOLET Hottonia palustris

WATER VIOLET Hottonia palustris

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Fioled y Dŵr

The Water Violet is actually a species of water primrose and not a violet. An aquatic perennial with submerged leaves, forming multiple feathery rosettes. Pale pink flowers which are held above the water are produced in late spring. Plant directly into the margins of ponds, or into baskets (at least 11cm across), or slow moving water, initially at a depth of 5cm. Once established, the plant can go deeper. Water Violets are good oxygenators. Found in ponds, ditches and slow moving rivers.

A good plant for pollinators and for providing habitats for fish, snails and dragonfly larvae.

Flowers: May to June

Height: 80cm

Colour: Pink



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