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Celtic Wildflowers’ mission is to support the conservation of native flora. We are suppliers of locally sourced native wildflowers and trees for large and small scale projects and pollinator-friendly gardens.

Celtic Wildflowers
Celtic Wildflowers
Celtic Wildflowers

About Celtic Wildflowers

The State of Nature Report (2016) found that over 56% of 4000 native plant species studied showed significant declines throughout the UK. These plants not only provide the foundations for almost all of our terrestrial and wetland fauna, but also for our own wellbeing, and there is an ever pressing need to reverse the decline of our native flora for future generations. Celtic Wildflowers’ principal aim is to support species and habitat conservation by providing locally sourced plants and services to aid the recovery of our native flora at local and regional levels.

Currently, we are in the establishment phase of our business and although we have sown seed of close to 100,000 plants, most stock will not be available until the 2019 growing season is well under way. In the meantime, we would welcome any enquiries from customers interested in ordering larger quantities of species listed on our stock list. We will also investigate sourcing any requests for other native species that have the potential for delivering wildlife benefits or services.

To date, we have sourced over 270 plant species, based on over 30 years working in environmental consultancy. We have extensive field experience with on-going fieldwork that has contributed to over 200,000 records for botanical, bryological, invertebrate and ornithological recording schemes. Having seen losses and declines in our native flora over this period, we are now committed to working on and supporting projects and initiatives set up to reverse these trends. All of our work employs sustainable and environmentally friendly practices wherever possible, including the use of peat-free products.

We are currently suppliers to the National Botanic Garden of Wales and also have partnerships and collaborations with the National Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Nature Partnerships and the Biological Science Department at Swansea University. Extending our network will enable us to provide products and services tailored to meet the needs of businesses, NGOs and others who require or wish to enhance native biodiversity at any level, from large developments to wildlife gardens. Engagement with the wider community and raising awareness of the importance of wildflowers and trees for the well-being of future generations is fundamental to the work we are undertaking and we will be promoting wildflower and tree conservation at all levels.

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Our Services

  • Planting services
  • Plant care
  • Management advice
  • Plant monitoring
  • Education & awareness raising