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Celtic Wildflowers

VIPER'S-BUGLOSS Echium vulgare

VIPER'S-BUGLOSS Echium vulgare

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Bwglos y Wiber

Viper's-bugloss is a biennial herb of disturbed ground, well drained grassy areas, wasteland, railways, roadsides, coastal cliffs, sand dunes and shingle. Also called Snake Flower or Blue Devil. Spikes of blue and pink flowers are produced. A member of the borage family that continues to produce nectar throughout the day.

It's possibly got it's name from the spots on the stem resembling a snake's markings, or the fact that the flowers resemble a snake's head.

Extremely attractive to pollinators. It is also the foodplant of the Painted Lady butterfly.


Flowers: May to July

Colour: Blue and pink



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