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Celtic Wildflowers

SPINDLE Euonymus europeaus

SPINDLE Euonymus europeaus

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Spindle, is a native deciduous shrub, or small tree of hedges, scrub and open deciduous woodland on free-draining soils. It is widely planted in woodlands, hedgerows and gardens primarily due to the exquisite four-lobed pink and orange fruit. As well as being a a very sought after plant for wildlife, the Spindle provides a wonderful pop of colour in the Autumn.

This shrub can be kept trimmed to a desired height.

Foodplant of the Holly Blue butterfly, Magpie, Spindle Ermine and Scorched Carpet moth. 

 Height: up to 9m

Flowering: May to June

Colour: Flowers creamy green, Berries - orange and red




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