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Celtic Wildflowers

PURGING BUCKTHORN Rhamnus cathartica

PURGING BUCKTHORN Rhamnus cathartica

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Purging Buckthorn is a hardy, deciduous native shrub/small tree. It has dark green leaves that can be trimmed to form a good dense hedgerow. It likes well drained soils, full sun, or shade. Purging Buckthorn will grow well in coastal locations and will tolerate chalky soils, but does not like water logged conditions. The flowers of this shrub are quite insignificant, but still attract are large number of pollinator species. The black berries are striking in the autumn against the yellow colour of the leaves. Purging Buckthorn gained its name from the laxative effect its berries induce when eaten.

A light pruning or shaping can be carried out in the autumn or early spring if desired.

Foodplant of the Holly Blue and Brimstone butterfly.

Height: 4m

Flowers: April to June

Colour: Green



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