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Hedgehog Highway

Hedgehog Highway

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Help our hedgehogs!

Hedgehog Highway - An easy way to support one of the gardener's best friend.

3/4 of Britain's hedgehogs have been lost in the last 20 years, according to the 'State of British Hedgehog Report 2022'.

Simple steps can be taken to help reverse this decline. We can all make a difference.

1. Inserting a hedgehog highway in a garden gate, or fence, for hedgehogs to pass through gardens in search for food and water.

2. Clean water.

3. Access routes to and from ponds.

4. Commercial hedgehog food/cat/dog meat can be left out.

5. Leave areas of unmown lawn and avoid the use of a strimmer.

Our top quality hedgehog highways are made at the nursery from marine ply and treated with a weather proof varnish. All signs are made to a high standard of finish.



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