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Celtic Wildflowers

BETONY Betonica officinalis

BETONY Betonica officinalis

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Cribau San Ffraid

Betony is a native perennial flower with delightful reddish-purple blooms.  It has a distinctive square stem with dark green foliage and the flowers have a lipped appearance. It can be found in grasslands, hedgerows, open woods and does very well in garden lawns, borders or pots. Due to it's prized appearance, it is often used in planting schemes.

Betony flowers are super-attractive to a wide range of pollinator species, especially bumblebees. The flowers are particularly favoured by the Solitary Wool Carder Bee (Anthidium manicatum).

This species has seen a marked decline since the 1960s due to the loss of grasslands. 

Height: 35cm.

Flowers: June to September

Colour: Reddish-purple



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