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Celtic Wildflowers

BEECH Fagus sylvatica

BEECH Fagus sylvatica

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The iconic Beech, is often referred to as the queen of British trees and can live for many hundreds of years. Although deciduous, Beech often holds on to their golden leaves throughout the winter, until the new fresh green leaves appear, heralding the spring. If clipped, it retains its leaves and creates a year-round dense garden screen, as well as helping to reduce wind and noise pollution. If left unclipped, it can reach heights of up to 40m. Beech is also relatively fast growing, increasing about 30-50cm a year. Beech trees grow well in sun or partial shade, enjoying well-drained soils.

Height: 40m

Available in 3L, 5L & 10L

10L is collection from nursey only.



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