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Celtic Wildflowers

WILD STRAWBERRY Fragaria vesca

WILD STRAWBERRY Fragaria vesca

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Mefys Gwyllt

Wild Strawberry is a perennial herb of dry, sometimes stony soils, in woodlands, scrubby areas, hedgerows, roadsides, railways and stony outcrops. In the spring, the Wild Strawberry produces an abundance of 5 petalled white flowers with a bright yellow centre.

The Wild Strawberry is considered to have a superior taste to 'shop bought' commercial strawberries and are prized in patisseries in France.

 A hit with pollinators! Foodplant of the Grizzled Skipper butterfly.

This species has seen a marked decline, particularly in England.

Height: 15cm

Flowers: May to August

Colour: White and yellow



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