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Sphagnum Tray

We are suppliers of ethically soured and sustainably harvested Sphagnum moss for peatland restoration schemes. In addition to carbon offsetting/decarbonisation, Sphagnum-rich bogs provide one of the highest valued ecosystem services and provide the foundation for peatland biodiversity.

Our products are sourced and grown in South Wales and Western Scotland and we have the capacity to produce large numbers of plugs of eleven species of Sphagnum. To support the best use of our products, we also provide a full range of associated services from initial consultation and assessment, management advice and monitoring. Please contact us for further details of our products and services.

Our Sphagnum plugs are 30mm x 80 mm and we supply the following species in commercial quantities:

Sphagnum Plug
  • capillifolium
  • cuspidatum
  • denticulatum
  • fallax
  • fimbriatum
  • inundatum
  • magellanicum
  • palustre
  • papillosum
  • rubellum
  • subnitens

Barry or Sandra Stewart

[email protected]

01792 539447 / 07730 502738


Iolo Williams

Television wildlife presenter of Winterwatch, Springwatch and Autumnwatch

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