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WOOLLY THISTLE Cirsium eriophorum

Woolly Thistle is a native biennial which grows 40-100 cm in height and produces highly attractive globular heads between July and September. The spectacular blooms attract a wide range of insects but the spines are partucularly devilish, so may not be suitable for sites with children.

Wildlife Value Rating
ProvenanceVC41 Glamorgan (Vale of Glamorgan)
with Large Red Tailed Bumble Bee & flower beetles, Nash Lighthouse, Vale of Glamorgan
Nash lighthouse meadow, Vale of Glamorgan
Nash Point, Vale of Glamorgan
AssociationsThe 'Biological Records Centre’s' website lists the following numbers of foodplant associates for Woolly Thistle: beetles (1), flies (6) and moths (1). However, the genus Cirsium as a whole, lists the following: beetles (35), flies (21), bugs (14), moths (34) and thrips (3).
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