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SMALL SCABIOUS Scabiosa columbaria

Small Scabious is a native perennial growing 10-35 cm in height and flowers from June to September. Plants produce a succession of flowers over this period which attracts a wide diversity and abundance of pollinator species.

Wildlife Value Rating
ProvenanceVC41 Glamorgan (Swansea)
Habitats and Growing AdviceA perennial herb of calcareous soils including pastures, banks, cliffs, rock outcrops and disused quarries. It grows well in ordinary garden soils producing much bigger plants with an abundance flowers when compared to plants typically encountered in the wild.
AssociationsThe 'Biological Records Centre’s' website lists the following numbers of foodplant associates for Small Scabious: mites (1), beetles (1), flies (3), true bugs (4) and moths (9). However, the genus Scabiosa as a whole, lists the following: beetles (2), flies (1), true bugs (4), sawflies, wasps and bees (1) and moths (14).
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