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RAGGED-ROBIN Silene flos-cuculi

Ragged-Robin is a native perennial growing 30-60 cm in height and the main flowering period is during May and June. The delicate-looking flowers produced are important for wide range of pollinator species and together with the plants foliage, host a good number of invertebrate herbivores.

Wildlife Value Rating
ProvenanceVC41 Glamorgan (Swansea)
Neath Port Talbot (C.R. Hipkin)
Neath Port Talbot (Charles Hipkin)
Habitats and Growing AdviceA herb of wet grassland, rush-pasture, fen-meadow, ditches, stream banks, pond margins and damp woodland edges. It grows on light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils in a range of pH conditions. Ragged-Robin is tolerant of semi-shade but prefers open ground and thrives in moist or wet soils where it is easy to grow. Tolerant of sea spray in exposed coatal locations.
AssociationsThe 'Biological Records Centre’s' website lists the following numbers of foodplant associates for Ragged-Robin: beetles (1), flies (5) and moths (12). However, the genus Silene as a whole, lists the following: beetles (2), flies (9), true bugs (6) moths (17) and thrips (1).
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