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BETONY Betonica officinalis

Betony is a native perennial growing 10-60 cm in height and produces an abundance of reddish-purple flowers from June into September. The flowers are super-attractive to a wide range of pollinator species, especially bumblebees.

Wildlife Value Rating
ProvenanceVC41 Glamorgan (Swansea & Vale of Glamorgan)
Nash Lighthouse, Vale of Glamorgan
Nash Lighthouse, Vale of Glamorgan
Habitats and Growing AdviceHedge banks, unimproved grassland, heaths, open woods, graveyards, woodland rides, lane banks and cliff-top grassland all support populations of this plant, which is highly sought after by pollinators. Grows in light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils, prefers well-drained soil and can grow in heavy clay soil. It can grow in semi-shade, but prefers open swards in full sun. A good indicator of healthy habitats.
AssociationsThe 'Biological Records Centre’s' website lists the following numbers of foodplant associates for Betony: mites (1), beetles (1), true bugs (1), sawflies wasps and bees (1) and moths (5).
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